Differences Between Adware

Adware, spyware and computer viruses share some similarities, one of which is that all three are major nuisances for computer users. Let’s differentiate the three. Spyware software that does not intentionally harm More »

Anti Virus Software Packages Review

Are you looking for the top 5 anti virus software packages review that can also act as spyware and malware cleaners? There are many different types of security software available on the More »

The Best Advice On Staying Spyware

We’ve all heard the cliché “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” This is as true on the Internet as anywhere else. Adware and spyware programs, also called malware or trackware, More »

Difference Between Spyware and Viruses

Spywares and viruses are a kind of malicious programs causing your system to malfunction. It’s nearly impossible for an average computer user to distinguish between a spyware and virus. These are malicious More »

Spyware and Virus Scan Removal Tools

Rogue antivirus, spyware and virus scan removal tools are scareware/malware programs that claim to scan your computer for malware. They display fake scan reports and alerts to scare you into buying some More »

Differences Between Adware

Adware, spyware and computer viruses share some similarities, one of which is that all three are major nuisances for computer users. Let’s differentiate the three.

Spyware software that does not intentionally harm your computer.

Spyware has been designed to track and record the types of websites you visit, and what you do on those sites. The goal of this type of software is to monitor your web activities and learn your likes and dislikes so that advertisers can send you unwanted e-mails, and pop-ups.

How can you tell that there is potential spyware in software? Quite easily. Have you ever downloaded software that during the install process asks for your OK to load a BHO (or browser help object) or wants to change what your start page will be, or your default search engine? This is potential spyware. The company offering the software for free is doing so, because they want you to say “OK” to having a 3rd parties software also installed on your PC. If you download something like this — no matter how

How to Reduce Your Spyware and Virus Risk

What happened to the good old days… being able to surf the Internet freely without fear of getting spyware infections on your PC, no pop-ups unexpectedly showing up in Internet explorer (most with very inappropriate ads) and little risk of personal information being taken from your PC.

“Tips on Preventing Spyware”

For years a cat and mouse game has been played between spyware and virus developers and security product makers (anti-spyware, anti-malware and anti-virus). Security products gradually became more adept at proactively stopping threats to personal information and ultimately removing any existing infections on PC’s. Then the game changed with the advent of Social media. With an explosion of people using Facebook, spyware developers have a new medium and a very large targeted audience to try and infiltrate your PC (and worst case compromise your personal information).

Social media sites are showing to be a new haven for spyware and malware and well gone are the good old days of being able to freely surf the Internet with low risk of some type of incident. Millions

Why Download Spyware and Virus Protection

If you have been around the internet for quite some time, you might have had the unfortunate opportunity to experience the potential threats that await people online. There are all kinds of different serious threats to your PC and you need to be aware of them. You need to understand the importance for you to download spyware and virus protection software.

There is a lot that you are going to want to consider when it comes to protecting your computer. While there might be several different things that this could mean, you are going to get the very best look at virus and spyware protection through the course of this article.

The first thing that you are going to need to understand, is that the viruses and the spyware that are floating around cyberspace are not something to be taken lightly. You see, these are very debilitating bits of software that have the capacity to take your computer out of commission entirely. Non reparable damage all from not having your computer protected.


Anti Virus Software Packages Review

Are you looking for the top 5 anti virus software packages review that can also act as spyware and malware cleaners? There are many different types of security software available on the Internet for download, and finding the most optimal one for yourself can be quite a daunting task.

How to Find the Top Anti Virus and Malware Removal Software?

There are a couple of websites online that offer good reviews on the best and most popular anti virus and spyware cleaning programs available. With so many different ones download-able online, it would be well worth spending the time to learn about how each one works. In today’s digital age, it is very common for typical users to have their computer infected by malicious files.

Top 5 Anti Spyware and Anti Virus Software Review

1. No Adware Software

This is the protection program that helped me to detect and clean up all the threats and malicious files that has infected my PC system before. Its scanning tool is one of the more advanced amongst all others in the marketplace and is

The Best Advice On Staying Spyware

We’ve all heard the cliché “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” This is as true on the Internet as anywhere else. Adware and spyware programs, also called malware or trackware, infect 9 of out 10 Internet-connected computers. Spyware can slow your computer to a crawl, corrupt your hard drive, or expose your private information. The most common way it gets on your computer is when you are downloading something else that claims to be free.

What is spyware and how did it get on your PC?

  • Adware and spyware programs, also called malware or trackware, quietly and secretly monitor everything you do online, and can communicate your activities to a third party such as an online advertiser.
  • Spyware is commonly installed on your PC as a hidden addition to a legitimate program, by visiting websites, or through spam email.
  • Unlike the instant impact of a virus, well-written spyware and adware programs never reveal their presence on your PC.
  • Pop-up ad problems, a different homepage that you can’t change, and a slower PC or online experience are indications of a spyware problem.
  • No one is immune from Spyware infection. A recent study by EarthLink and Webroot found an average

Difference Between Spyware and Viruses

Spywares and viruses are a kind of malicious programs causing your system to malfunction. It’s nearly impossible for an average computer user to distinguish between a spyware and virus. These are malicious softwares created to intrude into your machine and destroy your computers processing capabilities.

The main purpose of spywares and viruses is, they disrupt the user causing information loss and low performance.

The main difference between a spyware and virus is that, Spywares embed in your system and use to spy on what ever you do on your system causing important information loss and affecting the performance of your system. These malicious softwares attack your system when it is connected to internet and whenever you download any program, image or video they found they way to embed in your system and are able to destroy your system through many vectors.

Spyware is just like a mole, just like moles restrict every danger that might harm his cover, spywares use to hide into your systems or in other words they disguise themselves giving an impression that they might be something important for your system so the an

Spyware and Virus Scan Removal Tools

Rogue antivirus, spyware and virus scan removal tools are scareware/malware programs that claim to scan your computer for malware. They display fake scan reports and alerts to scare you into buying some non-existence security application software. The fact is that a rogue application tries to mimic genuine security software and tries to scam users into thinking that their computers are seriously infected.


  • Fake security alerts and messages begin to popup your computer screen.
  • You are unable to perform most task with your computer, as these alerts take over your PC screen.
  • Your Windows Security Center is hijacked.
  • Your Internet browser is hijacked, changes are made to your browser setting.
  • All your programs are blocked including your security software. All.exe files are blocked.
  • Your Task Manager is blocked, so you cannot force the program to close.
  • Fake blue screen appears, this is a fake imitation of your Windows system crashing.
  • The program is never listed in your Add/Remove program Applet.

What not to do

If you have never been a victim of malware invasion, then it is good you are reading this.

If your computer starts to display all or some of the symptoms listed above, it is advisable not

Tips on Preventing Spyware

As a online security expert and someone who just had one of their computers infected with a virus I thought it would be nice to write a little article for everyone out there to help prevent them from being infected with a virus or spyware. Here are several simple to do things as well as a short story on my recent virus infection.

I got a smoking deal from an online store for a Gateway Laptop that had tons of power and was only 500 bucks. My wife needed a new computer so I could not pass this deal up. Once the system arrived I took it and updated all the programs. I was planning on installing security software so I removed the trail version that came on the system but then got a little busy and did not install a new security client.

My wife saw the system on the counter and decided to take it for a test drive. She was looking for an Easter egg hunt in the city that we live in. So she Googled “Easter Egg hunt + city where we live” She clicked on

Paid Spyware and Virus Protection?

This article is based on my own user experience of free and paid Internet security software. The free software I used consists of Sygate firewall, AVG antivirus, Ad-Aware Free Edition, Spyware Doctor and SpyBot Search & Destroy in Windows XP operating system. The paid software in this case is Norton Internet Security 2009 in Windows Vista operating system.

You can protect your pc against different security threats prowling on the cyberspace by using free tools. The protection these programs offer is quite good. You may wonder why an earth to use so many spyware scanners? The answer to this question is simple. One scanner was not able to detect all threats, so it was appropriate to use several. All these spyware and virus detection and removal tools worked well and did their mission. Spyware Doctor is worth to mention, because it was the only program to detect register files infection. This phenomena reduced the performance of my computer remarkably, if it appeared.

When I bought a new computer, I decided to purchase Norton Internet Security 2009. The brand name was familiar to me previously, because as a Yahoo mail user

Adware, Spyware, and Viruses

Most of us have heard of Adware, Spyware and Viruses, but how many of us know what they are or what the difference is between them?

In the beginning, there were viruses. Originally they were harmless pieces of code developed in the lab or by programmers working for companies such as IBM and they were basically pranks which professional IT people played on each other. Old IBM hands will remember the ‘gimme cookie’  virus which operated on 360 mainframe machines and which flashed the words ‘gimme cookie’ on attached terminals with increasing frequency. The words would only go away when the word ‘cookie’ was entered into a terminal. Harmless, even quite amusing during the innocent 1970s era.

The laughter faded quickly when the PC era arrived and shortly afterwards the age of the Internet dawned on the world. Together with vastly increased interconnectivity came the rise of the malicious viruses – software that had no purpose other than to harass and to destroy. The new breed of viruses were conceived by sociopaths and were disseminated worldwide using the amazing reach of the Internet. The Internet made it easy to link

Tips to Removing Spyware and Viruses

Anyone and everyone who uses the Internet regularly on a normal basis have probably felt the affects of computer viruses and spywares. There are preventive measures to protect your computer from unwanted viruses and spyware. Here is some information and tips to what spyware and viruses are, its symptoms, and how to remove them.

What are spyware and computer viruses?

Spywares are software that performs undesirable behaviors with advertising (adware), collecting personal information and changing the configurations on your computer usually without the user’s consent. Similar to spywares are computer viruses, small software programs that interfere with your computer operations.

Symptoms of Spyware and Viruses

Be aware of any unusual behavior from your computer. Some detectable signs that your computer might be affected with either spyware or viruses are:

  • Constant pop-up advertisements
  • Unwanted additional components
  • System runs slower than normal
  • Computer crashes often
  • Applications don’t work properly
  • Disks/disk drives are inaccessible
  • Unresponsive and locks up often
  • Corrupted or deleted data
  • Erasing of the hard drive
  • Unwanted personal settings

Removing Spyware and Viruses

Up-to-date antivirus or antispyware software current with the latest definition files will help identify and remove the latest threats to your computer. If computer users already have a

Big Blue Screen Saying You Have Spyware

An instance of a “big blue screen saying I have spyware and virus” means that your computer has been infected by a spyware.  The main goal of the spyware is to imitate Window’s Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) which usually appears if your system suffers a crash.

The big blue screen virus actually belongs to the family of Smitfraud, a malevolent spyware designed to scare computer users.  The fake BSOD will urge you to download the full version of Smitfraud or some of its iterations.  Never purchase such software because it is a scam operation.  The fake antivirus program is useless and will only exacerbate the problem.

Identifying Smitfraud and Similar Spyware

Your computer can catch Smitfraud and similar spyware if you mistakenly downloaded a so-called free online system scan for malware infection.  The virus will install itself without your permission and will disable the Windows Security Center.  It will generate a spoof Blue Screen of Death warning.  In most cases, the spoofed BSOD is only a screen saver.  In other versions of Smitfraud, the blue screen saying I have spyware and virus is actually a pop-up

Spyware and Viruses

Today, when so many of us spend most of our time online shopping, chatting, reading, working, playing we become an easy target for malware programs such as: spyware, adware, trojans, rootkits, viruses and others. If you have a computer connected to internet than there is a 99 % probability that your computer is infected with some kind of malware. It can be harmless (or not so harmless) spyware that was installed in your drive without you even knowing and noticing or it can be very dangerous virus or trojan that can easily steal your credit card information, block you from accessing antivirus applications, change your browsers settings and noticeably slow down your PC.

What is the difference between spyware and viruses? Well, for starters you should know that both these infections can make some damage, because spyware and viruses are malware applications. You did not invite them, but they came. They are intrusive and destructive, but the level of their damage and their purposes are different. Spyware seeks to dig in your computer, while the purpose of viruses is to spread and multiply. Viruses in their behavior are more aggressive, so to speak.

How to Start Removing Spyware and Viruses

First of all, take a deep breath and good for you for deciding to learn something about removing spyware and removing viruses. You can defeat the evil computer hackers at their own game and save hundreds of dollars doing it. Removing spyware can be a frustrating experience and I am here to help you down from the ledge and get to work removing it.

1. Relax. Rebooting your computer 20 times in an hour can get frustrating. Turn your computer off for a few minutes and get something to drink, have a cigarette, or better yet find someone to give you a hug. Awww, see, isn’t that better?

2. Everything you need to remove your infections can be found for free. Resist the temptation to buy bloated software like McAfee or Symantec that promise the world. We can do the job better, cheaper, and more quickly ourselves. If your computer is infected, chances are bloated brand name anti-virus / spyware suites will not even install. Find free or cheap spyware and virus removal tools on the internet there are many respected names out there.

3. Run full

Defeating Websites and Hackers

It seems everyone is upset at the hackers, sploggers, spammers and the spyware, malware, viruses and online attacks. The plagiarism is insane too. How can we catch these culprits? These hackers hide with multiple IP addresses and borrow other folks computers to attack with.

Defeating websites and hackers that aim to Launch Spyware and Viruses is not an easy row to hoe, say the experts. Indeed these website owners cloak themselves at the Domain Register and use other cloaking tools. If you threaten them they attack you. The Internet is almost completely out of control. They attack us all the time. We have tried various formats and still these punks get in.

Several folks made mention of this at Davos 2007 this year. All the regulatory bodies promise to do something? But in reality there must be a 1000 bad guys adding to the scammers a day? It is overwhelming the Internet. They hijack servers, send out spam, load viruses and spyware, it is unbelievable.

These little prickly tree shrew varmints who steal other people’s online content are nothing compared to the rest of the issues, so

Get Spyware and Virus Protection Software

The internet is nothing new to millions of people. Every single day, these same millions of people get online and do all kinds of things. The trouble is, many of these people have no idea what risks exist on the internet. So with that being said you are going to take the necessary precautions to keep your computer safe from these threats. This could mean to download spyware and virus protection software.

You have to understand that there are several different ways that you can keep your computer safe from the threats that are waiting to overtake it. You have to take the time to appreciate why getting virus and spyware protection would be the way to go.

One of the very first things that you are going to have to consider, will be that to take any of these potential threats of the internet lightly would be a very poor choice to make. Consider that these are not just often just getting pop ups in abundance. More often these days, the viruses that you get will destroy your computer from the inside out.

You are going

Why Get Spyware and Virus Protection Software

The internet is a wonderful tool that is used by millions every single day. However, its use is not without some risk as you might have already been so unfortunate as to learn on your own. In order to combat the potential risks that exist, you are going to have to think about your options. One of these is to download spyware and virus protection software.

Protecting your computer might not be an especially easy task to complete anymore. There are many different ways that you are going to be able to do this. Perhaps the most effective of these being with the spyware and virus protection. You can use this article to give you some insight as to why you might want this option.

You are going to have to understand that taking the viruses and the spyware that you encounter on the internet lightly is a grave mistake to make. These are rarely just pop up bombs much anymore. What they are, are destructive pieces of software that have a goal in mind of destroying your computer entirely. This does not mean just an inconvenience, but a complete

Spyware and Virus Protection Software

Would you like to download spyware and virus protection software? These malicious software can find their way into any computer system without the user knowing it. The fact is that there are more and more of such threats being spread on the internet every day.

Malicious software like spyware and viruses have many purposes. Some are meant to steal confidential and sensitive information from the PC, some will reduce the security levels of the computer and some are meant to destroy the hard disk completely.

1. Common Symptoms of Spyware and Virus Infection

There are some symptoms that you can look out for when determining if your PC is infected. The most obvious and easy to detect sign is the appearance of advertisement popups. These popups usually advertise something gambling related and also pornographic material. There are also popups that will tell the user that their PC is infected, wanting them to click on the popup to scan their computer. Once the user clicks on the popup, he or she is taken to another website where more malicious code is run on the computer.

Spyware and Virus Removal Tools

Do you need to download spyware and virus removal tools? Most people will experience some type of PC problems at some point in time. In order to solve their computer problems, most PC users will search on the Internet and look for software to help them deal with these issues. The best way to solve the problem is to download a piece of high quality spyware, adware and virus protection software.

1. Do You Really Need to Download Spyware and Virus Removal Tools?

According to keyword research tools, it is a fact that spyware and virus removal software are searched for about 1,000 times every day. If you find that you are starting to encounter a lot of computer problems and errors, you will want to read this article fully to find out what they are and how to deal with them effectively.

2. What are Spyware and Viruses, and What Negative Effects Can They Cause?

Both are harmful but act very differently when they intrude a computer system. In the case of malicious software such as spyware, they are able to remain hidden

How to Remove Spyware and Viruses Fast

Do you want to learn how to remove spyware and viruses fast using spyware antivirus remover software? This type of specialized program is designed to identify and get rid of all threats such as spyware, adware and viruses from any computer system to remove them as quickly as possible before they can cause any damage. The best type of protection program is capable of getting rid of all types of malicious files including spyware, adware, viruses, Trojans, worms and several other less common malware.

1. How to Remove Spyware and Viruses Fast?

The proven solution is to download specially designed software that have been programmed with file definitions databases to detect malware. Another important aspect is to ensure that the software is regularly updated with the latest patches so that the latest threats can always be detected. Also, the security companies need to provide proper technical support for their owners. Optimally, a user should research carefully on the reputation of various security companies by reading users’ testimonials on their experiences.

2. How Can You Download the Best Spyware Antivirus Remover?

There are a few